Make Your Home Ready for Hurricane Season

Storm shutter installation in Titusville & Rockledge, FL can give you extra protection

Many Floridians are experienced in dealing with hurricane damage. Our state has a target on its back for any storm that crosses the Atlantic, so it's important for your property in Titusville or Rockledge, FL to be prepared. According to the Insurance Information Institute, Florida is at the top of the list for storm surge risk.

Hurricane shutter installation not only helps protect your home from the violent wind, rain and debris thrown around during a storm, it will also reduce your insurance premiums.

Don't wait for the next storm to hit before you think about storm shutter installation. Take the initiative to protect your property and contact 321 Construction today for a free estimate.

What can you do to maximize your home's protection?

Is your home or workplace in need of hurricane shutter installation? We offer a range options to protect your windows from violent storms. These include:

  1. Clamshell awnings that secure over your windows to protect them from above
  2. Hurricane fabric and storm panels which stretch over your windows for full coverage
  3. Roll-down and Bahama shutters that come down from above to cover your windows
  4. Accordion and colonial shutters which retract or swing to the side when not in use
  5. Impact windows that will replace your glass and offer enhanced protection from the elements

Get the storm protection your home needs in a style that matches your exterior. Call now for storm shutter installation services in Titusville or Rockledge, FL.

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